The Tao of Losing

  • Alec Weaver
  • 10/4/12
It has become somewhat of a ritual for me, that when my roommate is absent for any given evening, I watch a documentary. The most recent one that I have watched was entitled "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia". The White clan is the essence of hillbilly/redneck/white trash in the best possible…

A Matter of Time

  • Alec Weaver
  • 9/25/12
Our generation has royally screwed music for every generation that will come after us. Not only do we tolerate dub step, but some actually enjoy it. We have also generated such classy acts as LMFAO and T-Mills. The number one travesty however is that the art of the album has been practically killed…

Rumblings From the Southwind

  • Alec Weaver
  • 9/10/12
So I'm angry, big surprise huh. Why you ask? Well in order to adequately explain myself, I have to take you very, very far back into my past. I do not remember the first time I visited Lawrence, KS, but one of the earliest memories I have of this town is eating at a small college bar named Quinton's.…

Back in the Saddle

  • Alec Weaver
  • 8/23/12
Well, one year has come and gone already and yet it seems as though no time has passed as I sit here atop Daisy Hill once again hacking away at a blog that will probably only be read by myself and Mr. Official Orange himself, Jeffrey "Jeff" Hinshaw. The year has already begun with a good omen; as I…

Meanwhile in Syria

  • Alec Weaver
  • 7/23/12
Let me tell you the story of Randy Payne. I first saw Randy through the windshield of my father's pickup truck. Randy was walking down Kansas Avenue when he suddenly collapsed from heat exhaustion. Luckily, there was a police officer there who was able to help, and many other busy office workers stopped…

Rocky Mountain High

  • Alec Weaver
  • 6/13/12
Buy the ticket, take the ride -Raoul Duke It's easy to talk, talk is cheap. It is with this thought in mind that I will begin to tell you the tale of two men's quest to do something that they have talked about for a long time. My father and I have always had crazy, wild ideas, but rarely have we ever…

Dancing Queen

  • Alec Weaver
  • 5/9/12
As I have scrolled through my Facebook timeline this week, I have been privy to the fact that another prom has come and gone at my local Alma Mater; and while I hope all went well, there is something that I feel must be addressed: one topic that apparently has gone un-discussed by many young men and…

Guess who just got back today?

  • Alec Weaver
  • 4/27/12
Well we've come to that point in the year where summer is so close you can smell it, and it is on this cloudy day atop Lewis Hall that my thoughts turn to the upcoming summer and of summers past. Growing up, I lived for the summer. Summer meant staying up late and sleeping even later, trips to the library…

Riders on the Storm

  • Alec Weaver
  • 4/19/12
It's late Friday afternoon, April 13, 2012 and I get a panicked text from my Mother. "There is going to be storms tomorrow" it says, "please reconsider your plans for tomorrow". Despite her wisdom I choose not to heed her warning, not out of defiance mind you, but for the sheer fact that I've worked…

Tour De Campus

  • Alec Weaver
  • 4/12/12
Freedom. That's what it is. Pure, unadulterated freedom. Those two, thin strips of hardened rubber under the aluminum frame can take me wherever I want to go and with over 23 gears to choose from no terrain is too difficult to master. I can wake up ten minutes later now and be to my destination in under…

And I Like It, a Little Bit

  • Alec Weaver
  • 4/5/12
A while back a friend of mine introduced me to a wild band that I had never heard of. Coming back from his annual Hajj to Warped Tour he spun me a tale of incredible on-stage antics such as pianos being played with feet and cigarettes being eaten. If by now you haven't figured it out, this exotic new…

Sympathy for the Soup Nazi

  • Alec Weaver
  • 3/29/12
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am an employee at a local barbeque restaurant and as of late I've been developing a strange sympathy for a very unlikely person, the Soup Nazi. Now, any fan of the sitcom Seinfeld will know who I'm talking about. If you don't, then you must have been living under…


  • Alec Weaver
  • 3/15/12
I realize that there are many naive soon-to-be college freshmen who believe that college is going to be similar to this or perhaps they think that it will be more like this, if this is your outlook on the college experience, well then to you I say; good luck. You have no idea the grim, meat-hook realities…

Live Mas, Indeed

  • Alec Weaver
  • 3/9/12
My dearest readers I will tell you, if you do not already know by now, that I am in strong opposition to any form of franchised food. I hate how convenience and price has usurped the need for food to be quality and how commercialization of restaurants has put such a strain on the independent chef. It…

Weekend Wars

  • Alec Weaver
  • 3/2/12
He waits silently in the lobby. Eyes nervously twitch back and forth as half remembered sound bites ring in his ears. What will happen on the beat tonight? Will he bring many to justice or will he become yet another victim of the rough city streets? Finally he gets the call to meet his team, all familiar…

It's Halftime, Larryville

  • Alec Weaver
  • 2/23/12
In order to receive the full effect of this post you must imagine the following scenario set to the music provided in the link below: A game is being played in Lawrence, and somewhere, seven stories above Daisy Hill two men wait with baited breath as the Clock…

My Funny Valentine

  • Alec Weaver
  • 2/17/12
An evening with Jeff Hinshaw "There's a Difference between being alone and being lonely" I tell him "I'm simply alone". "O for God-sake just eat it!" Jeff says gesturing to the small pile of putty-like chocolate on my plate. I've been playing with it for a while and have no intention of eating it. It…

PHP Wizardry

  • Jeff Hinshaw
  • 1/24/11
As this site has matured over time it has transformed into something Elijah and I didn't even conceive to be possible. Yet, here I am writing a blog with a tool I have created. All I must do is finish this blog, upload a picture, do some cropping, and click on 'Add'. Everything else updates for me.…

Need For Speed: Topeka

  • Elijah Kampsen
  • 8/16/10
This story begins in Wanamaker, just south of Best Buy, and heading South(er). Hannah and I, accompanied by another car full of associates are on our way to another evening of summer independence, when sure enough, a fellow racer pulls aside me. I'm in the left lane and he's in the right, and I can…

Maple Syrup

  • Jeff Hinshaw
  • 7/25/10
Maple syrup. Maple syrup is delicious, however maple syrup sucks! Maple syrup is one of the most annoying things ever to be made! You know why? Okay, let's make a completely hypothetical situation here. Let's just say someone, who we'll name 'Jamfalcon', was to wake up one Saturday morning to the pleasant…