It's Halftime, Larryville

Alec Weaver

  • February 23, 2012

In order to receive the full effect of this post you must imagine the following scenario set to the music provided in the link below:

A game is being played in Lawrence, and somewhere, seven stories above Daisy Hill two men wait with baited breath as the Clock signals the end of final play. When the time comes and the horn signals the end of the first half they begin their time-honored and esoteric ritual known only as the "Taco Bell Run". They spring into action faster than you can blink, a flash of pink and blue is all you see as they grab their jackets and head for the door. Once in the hallway they are faced with an unknown gauntlet of obstacles. One of them punches the button that signals the rise of the elevator. Ears are perked to the sound of the cables moving their ride to the top floor. Once inside, they twitch with nervous excitement, wondering if the metal chamber will make any unexpected stops on their voyage to the ground. They get lucky, it's a straight shot. Briskly they stride to the foyer, not holding the door for anyone. Now is not the time for bullshit, they are on a mission. This is not a simple, good-natured collegiate adventure; this is a matter of victory and defeat. If they don't make it back quick enough it could have drastic consequences for what is currently happening onscreen back in their room. They make it to the car, the one in blue assumes the spot in the driver's seat while his confidant straps in with a seatbelt. The radio gives them a notion as to where they stand for their returning deadline. Zipping through campus, they finally finish their hajj to the mecca of mediocre mexican. Four Beefy Crunch burritos, a medium Mountain dew and one Nachos Bell-Grande later they are back on the street, pedal to the floor as they race to bring this tradition to a close. Will their efforts be in vain? Will their beloved Avian Warriors falter all because of these two pilgrim's tardiness? By the end of the night they will have their answer.

This is what happens every halftime during a KU game. My friend TJ and I see if we can't beat the halftime clock back after making what we call "The Taco Bell Run". The history of the run is simple enough, one night as we were watching a KU game we saw a commercial for Taco Bell's new Beefy Crunch Burritos and like moths to a nacho cheese flame we were drawn. We decided that we would go and get some at halftime and a tradition was born. A tradition that has now turned into mild superstition. The only night since the genesis of this ritual that we have missed, KU lost to Missouri, and we believe that this was a direct result of the absence of Taco Bell. Since then we have made sure that even though one of us might not be present, the run still happens. The only way that the ritual can be completed is when all food and drink are consumed and attention once again falls solely on the court. To date this time honored tradition hasn't failed us, and I suspect it will become as much a part of our KU experience as "Rock Chalk" can boast.