Movie Theater Prices

Elijah Kampsen

  • April 13, 2008

Movie theater pricing sucks. Recently, I went to see Prom Night with Emily. I had a great time, but you know what would've even made it more fun? Popcorn. And something to drink. But no. I can't afford their refreshments! I could buy a brand new CD and listen to it over and over for the same price as popcorn and a drink. Do they not already make enough money from their overpriced tickets? Of course not. $3.50 (plus tax) for a small box of candy. A small box of candy that would be $1 at Walgreen's. Granted Walgreen's prices are great, it doesn't seem that terrible. But it is. And they don't accept checks either. I'll brief you on a short conversation Emily and I heard while standing in line to buy our tickets.

Girl: Do you take checks?

Movie Theatre Guy: No.

Girl: Uh-oh guys. What are we gonna do?

Girl's Friend: We could go to Wal*Mart.

What the heck? "Hmmm...We were going to see a movie, Mom, but instead we stopped and picked up some toiletries and a rug." "Oh, thanks honey!" Is that how teenagers get their kicks now? I wasn't aware of that. Next time I wanna see a movie, let's all go buy toothpaste and vitamins at Wal*Mart instead. Man, Vitamins rock! But hey, at least I did find a dollar lying on the ground.