Crowded Airplanes

Elijah Kampsen

  • March 5, 2008

Crowded airplanes. Crowded airplanes suck. I don't want to be sitting next to a guy who wants to watch my laptop with me, or someone with a baby, or someone who is sick, or someone who enjoys loud death-metal blaring through their earphones. That is why I fully support noise-canceling headphones (and having no babies on planes). Those headphones can protect from annoying people who snore or try to make conversation about how they're flying to meet their aunt and uncle you don't know. They're quite ingenious. They're basically a way to say "Hey, shut up. I don't want to hear about the time you saw a praying mantis in the woods." without actually saying it.

"Hey bud, I'm gonna enjoy my music, but thanks for making conversation."

That's basically what those are saying. It may not be what you're thinking, but it is a little bit less-rude then other options ("Please leave me alone," or "Shut the heck up.")