Cinderella: The Modern Tale

Jeff Hinshaw

  • September 12, 2008

Once upon a time, Cinderella's mother died during a skydiving accident. Soon after, her father remarried a woman with two daughters. After the daughters arrived, they stole everything belonging to Cinderella and left her only an old t-shirt, an old pair of tennis shoes, and some jeans. They made fun of her constantly, and her new family wouldn't do anything around the house, and they expected her to do everything for them.

Every night before she was finished, they would throw her food away. After awhile, her father was called to go on a business trip to Hawaii. He asked all the girls what they wanted him to bring back for them. The two step-sisters asked for dresses and jewelry, but Cinderella wanted the first coconut that fell off a coconut tree in front of him. When her father got back, she took the coconut from him and took it to her mother's grave, then planted the seed from it to grow a coconut tree, and soon, it became a handsome tree.

Every day she would go to her mother's grave and cry and wish for something, and every time she made a wish, a coconut would fall from the tree and crack open to reveal what she had wished for. One day, Cinderella was walking through the hallways at school and passed an advertisement for the prom. The theme for prom was marriage and the school would pick a "prom king", who would find the girl he wanted to marry at prom. Cinderella ran home, and asked her step-mom if she could go, but her step-mom replied by telling her if she picked all the cherries off the tree in two hours, she could go. So she called the local energy company and asked for them to help her pick cherries in their cherry picker.

"Hi, I was just wondering if someone could come help me pick cherries from my tree," entreated Cinderella.

"Ma'am, you do realize this is an energy company, not a cherry picking company," replied the man.

"But... but I thought you have cherry pickers."

"Those... those aren't used for picking cherries..." explained the man.

"What?! Now how will I ever get to the prom now?" Cinderella started crying and the guy on the other line started to get fed up with it.

"Alright, calm down, calm down. I'll have a couple guys come down and help you." assured the man.

The two guys quickly rushed to the scene with cherry pickers ready. They started picking the cherries like no tomorrow! And, in less than an hour, they had picked all the cherries from the big cherry tree. Cinderella thanked them, and returned into the house. She told her step-mom that she had picked all the cherries, but her step-mom told her that she wasn't pretty enough and she would just embarrass herself. Although, she told her that if she could pick all the cherries from two cherry trees in less than an hour, she could go to the prom.

Cinderella quickly ran out onto the road, trying to flag down the two guys who were already starting to leave. Luckily, they saw Cinderella in their rear-view mirrors and turned around. Cinderella explained the situation and the two guys called three more guys over to help out. With the help of the five guys, they were able to pick all the cherries in less than an hour! Truly amazing! Cinderella ran back inside to tell her step-mom, only to find out that they already left for the prom.

Cinderella, crushed by this, ran crying to her mom's grave. She only wished that she could go to the prom. Suddenly, she heard a large crack! She looked over and saw that a coconut had fallen from the tree to reveal a necklace, and glass shoes that were made of glass (that somehow didn't break from the fall)! O happy day! What would this do for her? Suddenly, the bush over yonder started to rustle. What was behind the bush? It was... it was... the UPS guy! Oh joy!

"Hey UPS guy, what do you got for me?" asked Cinderella.

"I'll tell you what I got. I have one package for you."

"Thanks UPS guy!" And with that, the UPS guy left.

Cinderella quickly opened the package to reveal a beautiful dress! Great, now how would she get there? Suddenly, a gust of wind came and knocked Cinderella off her feet. She rolled down the hill with the necklace, shoes, and dress, and rolled right onto the local ferry. Fortunately, the ferry was headed over to the school to deliver the food for the prom. Thank goodness her school was built by the ocean.

When she arrived at the school, she thanked the captain, Captain Ticonderoga. She entered the school and entered into the prom. There she stood there not knowing what to do. She went over to the refreshments, took a glass of punch, and sat down at a table. Then, the prom king came over and sat down by her and talked to her.

"Hey," said the prom king.

"Hi," replied Cinderella.

"So... how's it going?"


"So, how are you?" asked Cinderella.



"So... um... what's your name?" asked the prom king.

"I'm Cinderella."

"That's cool. I'm the prom king."

"Really? That's just plain awesome!"

"So, would you like to be the prom queen?"


"Awesome, let's dance!" So with that, Cinderella and the prom king danced. But their moment was ruined when the clock struck midnight! Cinderella realized that she had to get home so she didn't miss her favorite infomercials! She quickly ran over to the ferry, losing one of her shoes in the process, and set back home. The prom king ran after her, but was too late. The ferry was already on its way!

Cinderella made it back to her mom's grave. She took the necklace and put it back into the coconut, which immediately sank into the ground. Then, she started to head back to the house, when suddenly she heard something behind her! She turned around and found... the UPS guy!

"Hey UPS guy! What do you got for me?" asked Cinderella.

"I'll tell you what I got. Nothing."


"I need that dress back."

"But... but... you delivered it to me." stuttered Cinderella.

"I know, and now I need it back... now!"

Cinderella then changed back into her t-shirt and gave the dress back to the UPS guy. Cinderella then proceeded to her house.

The prom king found the shoe that Cinderella left behind. He took it, and decided to try it on every girl in the city until he found Cinderella, because he didn't remember what she looked like and figured that she was the only one with that size of feet.

The next day, the prom king's dad arrived at Cinderella's house. He tried the shoe on each of the step-sisters, but the shoe was too small for their feet. Suddenly, Cinderella sprinted from her room to try on the shoe, and when she tried it on, it fit! Imagine that!

As the prom king and Cinderella were walking away, they went past the grave of Cinderella's mom. The two step-sisters ran after her, wanting part of their fortune, but a coconut fell from the tree, and hit them in the head, sending the two into a coma. Poor step-sisters! And with that, Cinderella and the prom king lived happily ever after... forever...