Chuck E' Cheeses

Elijah Kampsen

  • March 5, 2008

Chuck E' Cheese. Chuck E' Cheese sucks. I would go there often, but I hate it. Say you saved up tickets from every time you went since you were 6...You could buy a Jolly Rancher now! That's incredibly stupid. Like 800 tickets will buy you a Snickers fun-sized candy bar. Oh, thanks ChuckE!... And how many tokens will a grade card full of straight A's get you? 10. What the heck?! I work extremely hard at school so I can come here for two hours a semester and have some fun, and you give me 10 tokens. How am I supposed to stretch these out over 10 minutes?! Let alone 2 hours! And their stuff is disgusting. Ooo! I wanna go in the ball pit! Ewww...there's something slimy touching the bottoms of my feet! Mmmm...It's some kids overpriced pizza meal. And he ate it a second time, backwards. That's always nice. And what's up with their slogan?! Where a kid can be a kid! Really? Are you sure that's not everywhere?