Wake Up!

November 1, 2008

I drank too much coffee today,
I feel so hyper and awake.
I'm so excited and crazy too.
I love my coffee, how about you?

Oh, wake up!

Running through my yard
Coffee in my hand.
Without my coffee
Life is pretty bland.

Oh, wake up!

Oh... no... (Oh no!)

The coffee cup is empty, the energy worn off. (No!)
I now feel dead and tired like my lazy dog who's very soft. (Sasha!)

Must wake up.

I make my way to the kitchen, begin to mix up the grounds.
I wait a while, can't force a smile.

I must wake up.

It's done! I can't wait! The time has come!
I put it in a cup take the cup to my lips and hum...

Oh... WAHH!

Wake up!
(Wake up!)

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