Trailing Off in the Middle of Sentences

Elijah Kampsen

Elijah Kampsen

April 29, 2008 12:00 AM CDT

People who trail off in the middle of sentences. I can't stand people who trail off in the midd... Man, I could really go for a steak. Ope, whoops, sorry. You see how annoying that is?! And people do it all the time!

"Do you know if you go to the store and try and buy one of these."

"Yeah? Then what? What will happen?!"

What's the rest?! That's not a sentence! And how long am I supposed to wait for the end of the sentence, before I interrupt. Is it interrupting? I have no idea. Aren't they done saying what they're saying? It's just really annoying. Don't start a sentence if you're not gonna finish it. But I do like my friend Alec's idea. When I'm lying on my death bed, and running out of air, my last words will be: