Solid Time

Jeff Hinshaw

Jeff Hinshaw

July 10, 2009 12:00 AM CDT

So you may be wondering, "What are those guys doing?! They haven't updated in ages! Come on! Get the show on the road!" First off, let me apologize. I've been very busy working on many different things. We have many videos planned and ready, I just have to get around to those. We also have a new feature for the site rolling around soon as well. But the biggest thing I've been working on; the thing that has me caught up the most is none other than Solid Time.

Solid Time is a movie that I have planned for almost two years. I've scripted, storyboarded, planned, planned some more, and did even more planning. And now that the planning is done, the filming has begun! That's right, I am now in the process of filming this approximate 100-130 minute movie. Let me tell you what this exciting film is about. It's a comedy about Father Time loosing control of time to an evil villain and the pointless, hilarious battle to restore time. So far, filming has been going somewhat great. Day 1 and 2 were great, but day 3 didn't go so well... You see, we were filming at this warehouse. The thing is, the people I got permission from didn't realize we were going to have thirteen people at this warehouse. At first they went with it, but later said that they were too worried someone was going to get hurt or someone would break something. So, they sent us home. Great... I had this whole filming schedule packed full. It's backed up to the first day of school, and I really don't want to be filming during the school year. But now, it looks like I have no choice. Great. That's just great...

Well, that aside, we have some amzing footage so far. There's some great stuff going on! And the video quality is awesome because of the brand new HD video camera I bought for filming! Thanks to this new video camera, not only will the movie look great, but all of Official Orange's new videos will be looking freakin' awesome! HD quality! That's right! So hope you guys are looking forward to that! As for now, I'm going to start working on posting the Mob Wars video and start working on that new site feature!