Orange Shirt

Elijah Kampsen

Elijah Kampsen

March 29, 2008 1:53 PM CDT

So, recently, my family went shopping, to buy stuff. You know? What families do when they shop... So, anyways, I got an orange button-up shirt. This shirt has magical powers. It's kind of like that episode of Drake & Josh where Josh has a lucky shirt, except I didn't get free video games, and I actually change my clothes occasionally. So, anyways, the magical powers are sweet. It has the power to make the hottest girl in school talk to me. Now, I know you're all asking, what is this shirt and where can I buy it. Even the girls are asking that. Well, I'm not gonna tell you where you can get it. Well, anyways, here's how it went down. Admin is getting his lunch. He has lunch money, which means he has to deal with the lunch lady he dislikes. Anyways, he gives her his money, and while waiting for her, hottest girl in the school comes up. She says hi. She said hi! To me! How awesome is that?! Then, this conversation ensued:

"Hi," said I.
"I like your shirt. It's bright," said she.
"Thanks. It's orange," said I.
"I like your shoes too," said she.
"Thanks. They're blue," said I.
"Well, see ya," said she.

I walk off totally embarrassed. Hottest girl in school talks to me, and all I could say was Thanks, and some colors. Stupid colors. But, it was the shirt! I swear to you! It was the shirt! I'll sell this shirt for precisely $789.78. $789.77 because I wore it, and the other $.01, because it has powers. Magical powers. Like a magician. Watch me pull some kick-*** outta my hat.