Mrs. Bombardon

Jeff Hinshaw

Jeff Hinshaw

May 7, 2009 12:00 AM CDT

Math class proves to be a very boring class. Especially for someone like me who either already learned what we're talking about, or learns what we're talking about in less than a minute. It also doesn't help that you're in the back of the classroom with a fake wall, and the teacher on the other side yells the whole time and your teacher speaks quieter than the average person. Let's just say it really sucks sometimes. But, nevertheless, my friends and I still manage to have a good time sometimes. One example would be the giant maze I drew. Or the imagination game. So many fun moments... but another really fun moment would have to be the inside joke about Mrs. Bombardon. Now, you may be thinking "Isn't a bombardon a low brass instrument resembling a tuba?" Or now you could be thinking, "It's a what?!" And now you may even be thinking, "What the hell?" Or you had no idea bombardon was a real word until I told you and after I looked it up. You owe me $10 if you look(ed) up the word. Anyways, now that that's settled, let me get on with my story. A while ago, Drew, Will, and I were sitting in class listening to our math teacher ramble on about something I already knew. It was just another ordinary day. Suddenly, the office came over the intercom and asked for a different teacher. Our teacher said "Wrong room," and she continued. But something puzzled me... I could swear that the office asked for a teacher named "Mrs. Bombardon". I thought a name like that would be awesome! So, I told Drew, and we came up with a whole story for Mrs. Bombardon. She would teach an explosives class and in her class, she would just do a bunch of crazy crap that would cause things to explode or end up being destroyed.

Intercom: "Mrs. Bombardon, your cruise ship is here."
Our Teacher: "Wrong roo–" BOOM!

Intercom: "Mrs. Bombardon, your aircraft is here."
Our Teacher: "Wrong Roo–!" BOOM!

Intercom: "Mrs. Bombardon, your air strike is here."
Our Teacher: "WRONG ROO–!" BOOM!

Just think of that class! You would probably die before the end of the year! And her door would be made up of this really thick steel that had danger and hazard warnings all over it! And if THAT class was behind that fake wall instead, we would never be able to get any work done! We would constantly hear explosions and people yelling and screaming. If only that class existed... I would probably take it just for the thrill. You would never feel like falling asleep in that class! Unlike math class...