Iowa State Fair

Jeff Hinshaw

Jeff Hinshaw

August 11, 2008 12:00 AM CDT

So, as some of you might have known, I was in Iowa August 8-10. Why you ask? It's because I went to the Iowa State Fair! The Iowa State Fair has to be the best state fair out of all the states! Wait a minute, it is! That's right. It's ranked number one! Although, I'll have to admit, state fairs really aren't my thing. Here's a little recap of my day. Okay, so we woke up at 6:30 AM and left at 7:00. Why so early? Because we went with our neighbors and they like eating breakfast at the fair. So, when we got there at about 7:30, we went to a place to get breakfast and ordered our food. And there we waited... and waited... and waited... and waited... for one full hour we waited for our food until we finally got it! That's 50 minutes longer than I wanted to wait! Well, I guess it was worth it, because I ordered pancakes, and these were not your average pancakes! They were the size of the plate! That's my kind of pancake! So anyway, after we were done eating, we decided to split up, the adults would go off on their own, and we would go off by ourselves. The great thing about splitting up is that you don't have to spend time at places so long! I remember last year, my parents would take forever looking at stuff! It bored me to tears! Splitting up, we could spend half the time, making me very happy!

Well, we looked at all the things at the fair: The Boulevard of Breeds, the horse barn, the pigs, the Varied Industries Building, the Agricultural Building, the 4-H Building, all the shops in the Grandstand, Grandfather's Farm, fried snickers bar on a stick, about 100 other things on a stick, a couple rides, and much more! I don't know about you, but after walking around for six hours, your feet really start to hurt! So ya, the exciting fair. Oh, but there was one thing that sparked my interest, and that was the Rock Band Tour 2008. After a very short line, I was able to go up on stage and rock out on the drums! I think I was the only one on expert. Ya, everyone sucked. Not even kidding. And of course when I got up there, the singer had to pick the easiest song (after 29 Fingers of course), Say It Ain't So. I have nothing against the song, it's just that it's way too easy! Oh well, I got to go up there, so I was happy.

So ya, the excitement of the fair. If you like your state fair, then you'll love the Iowa State Fair! Ranked number 1! You're sure to have fun!