Icing Disaster

Elijah Kampsen

Elijah Kampsen

July 12, 2008 12:00 AM CDT

Some of you may remember my Toaster Strudel blog a long while back. I'm going to tell you something right off; I lied in that blog. I said "One time, I went to warm my icing so it would be easier to work with, but I put it in the microwave to long, and it exploded." That's never happened. Let me rephrase that; That's never happened, UNTIL NOW! So, it was Saturday night. I went to have my customary Toaster Strudels (That's one of about 6 things I eat.) I threw them in the toaster (using my patented discus throw Disclaimer: It's not actually patented.) Then, I put the icing packets in the microwave (I did NOT lie about that part. It's a normal everyday task.) I pressed "Add 30 Seconds" as usual. I usually stop them after about 17 seconds, but this time, no. I got distracted. Most of you know I have a beautiful, fat kitty named Feefs. Well, she was just lying across the room. Over there in all her fat glory, she looked so...so...pet-able. I just had to pet her, right then. So I walked at a steady pace across the room (I sprinted). Then, I pet her. I pet the living crap out of her. And then, the dreaded noise came. I'd never heard it before, but I knew exactly what it was. POW! It was the sound of my icing packets overheating and exploding. I knew the only thing left in that microwave would be a heaping helping of disaster. I walked back and THIS is what I saw:

Toaster Strudel

MESS! I grabbed the paper towels as fast as I could, but I was already caught. You see, my parents were leaving for a walk. My mom was already out the door. My dad, however, was not. He told me "You got about 30 minutes to clean that up before your mom finds it." I knew exactly what that meant. I had to clean it up now. So, I did.