Driver's Ed

Jeff Hinshaw

Jeff Hinshaw

July 10, 2008 12:00 AM CDT

Good old Driver's Ed. Wasn't it so fun? Well, let me give you a little summary of what it was like for me. It was a nice summer morning. I got up like I usually do, around 8:00, and got dressed, fixed my hair, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, then went to my basement and got on the computer. After a couple hours, my mom would yell at me, I would yell back, then she'd threaten to beat me to death with my own skull (is that physically possible?). Anyway, then we'd go over and pick up Elijah, then head to the school for Driver's Ed which was supposed to start at 12:00, but actually started at 12:03 because the teachers were exactly three minutes late every single day. No joke! This is where Elijah and I had to part ways. I got in the red car, Elijah the silver. Then we'd take off. There were two other people in my car. One kid who would text and say something once in a while, and then there was the kid who talked constantly and thought he was funny. I laughed at him. He thought I was laughing at his jokes. He was wrong. So anyway, we would usually hear the same thing from our teacher every day.

"What's the speed limit?"
"Um... 40."
"And how fast are you going?"
"So what do you need to do?"
"Slow down."

Not even joking. That's what it would be like. Or like this:

"Guess what you did wrong?"
"No, just tell me."
"You turned left..."
"Thank you Captain Obvious..."
"What lane are you in?"
"The right..."
"And what lane are you supposed to turn in?"

Okay, maybe that's not exactly how it went, but you get the idea. Overall, we didn't do that bad. We mostly got everything right and we even got to go out of town and go through a drive-through (or how some people like to spell it, drive-thru,) to get something to eat. Although I didn't get to eat anything! Guess why! I'll tell you why! It's because that kid who thinks he's funny wanted to go to Runzas, so we drove around trying to find this place, but we're not seeing it anywhere. After an hour, we finally find the dang restaurant! Well, good for him, but that just made us cut 20 minutes into my driving time! Because of this, I couldn't get anything to eat! But that's okay, because the next day, which was our last day, we were able to stop at a Dairy Queen and I got myself a delicious Oreo Blizzard! So good! Anyways, that's Driver's Ed for you! Stupid teachers and annoying kids!