Bowling Trip

Jeff Hinshaw

Jeff Hinshaw

March 17, 2008 7:53 PM CDT

Hey, my dad took Jeff and I bowling over Spring Break, so here's some related topics.

Folded dollars (Jeff)
Folded dollars suck! I was at the bowling alley and I got really thirsty. So, doing the natural thing to do if you're thirsty, I went and bought a Mountain Dew. So, I took out a couple dollars. I went to put the first one in, and I noticed the very end of it was folded. I assumed it would take it anyway, but the machine said, "What are you, retarded? I can't take that crap!" so it spit it back out. To make the machine happy, I tried as best I could to fold the fold back, but it's harder than it seems because the crease was at the very end. It rejects it again. This makes me angry! So, as a final attempt, I folded it back as best I could and quickly put it in the machine before it flipped back. I got it! Yes! Now it was time for the second dollar. Crap! It was folded too! How likely is that?! Just my luck... So, I repeated the whole process to get the second one in, and I finally got my damn Mountain Dew. Worth the effort? Heck ya! Mountain Dew (in my view, right Elijah?).

Bowling in the most retarded way you can think of and still knock down all the pins (Jeff)
Bowling in the most retarded way you can think of and still knocking down all the pins is stupid! Especially because I can't do it! I was sitting there, and Elijah started bowling with his left hand and crap like that. Well, his left hand did wonders for him because he got a freakin' spare! So I try just chucking it, and I knocked down a couple pins! That's crap! It's okay, I got a couple strikes, but not by doing that crap Elijah did. That's right. I don't do that left hand crap because it doesn't work for me! Good for you Elijah, it works for you.

Bowling (Jeff's side)
Bowling is awesome! I love bowling! It's been a few years since I've been bowling, but it's still awesome! I used to be awesome at bowling, but now I suck (well, I don't suck... I'm just not as good as I used to be). But that doesn't make it suck. Every game I play I get at least 1 strike. Every game. Just ask Elijah. Strike for Jeff's Domicile! Heck ya! Well, that wraps it up for me. Bowling is awesome!

Bowling (Elijah's Side)
Despite what Jeff says, Bowling rocks! Today, we went bowling, and it rocked! We went to some bowling alley, and on the way there, we listened to Cannibal Corpse, and a little bit of other terrible death-metal. We were the loudest people at the bowling alley, and once we get there, everyone else left. I don't know why. Most of the other bowlers were old. After our bowling, we went to play at the arcade. I played Skee-Ball first, but the freakin' piece of crap machine ate my tokens. Then I went to play my most favorite game, Time Crisis 4, but the machine was out of order, so I was pretty angry. Then I played a game where you stomp on/hit small rodents, and despite me and Jeff hitting every rodent, it kept saying we missed like 33 hits. That's freakin' crap! We hit every one! Jeff was mad because there was no DDR for him to kill at, then I played Crane Machine. I went for a blue watch that was probably worth $.25 and I missed. Boy was I mad! Then I played another game, where you stack blocks, and when I got to Minor Prize, my greed pushed me to go for a Major Prize, then I lost. Boy was I mad! Right Jeff? Well, anyways, bowling rocks! Oh, and I accidentally broke the bumper on our lane. All in all, bowling rocks.

Below is our list of scores:

Bowling Scores